Rowenta Perfect Steam Station DG 8510
It saves you time, money, and effort when ironing

Please note: Blemished open box, full 1 year warranty!

  • The ideal system for home and professionals , just the touch of a trigger sends a consistent surge of 1800 W of steam power to penetrate deep within the fabrics, providing more than an 1.5 hours of continuous ironing and outstanding professional results. Other key features include the precision tip to easily access in-between collars and pockets; a safety lock system for added safety, the system powers up in just 3 minutes.
  • Exceptional 4.8 bars of pressure ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments or drapes and or smoothing and shaping sewing projects
  • Microsteam 400 stainless steel soleplate
  • Constant high powered steam - available at the touch of a trigger, the powerful steam makes ironing fast and effortless.
  • Vertical steam ideal for steaming hanging garment, curtains or drapes
  • Precision tip to access in between collars and pockets
  • Safety Lock System - for added safety and easy storage
  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Removable water tank, for easy water refill, large and transparent 1.4 L (47.3 oz.) tank allowing more than 1.5 hours continuous ironing
  • Cal-away system
  • Wattage: 1800 W
  • Steam on demand
  • Indicator lights
  • Steam cord clip
  • Powerful steam for perfect ironing and wrinkle removal on all type of garment, curtains, drapes.. - Model DG8510 Made in France

  • Price: $219.95

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